How to judge the quality of a ribbon?


Tips For Judging Ribbon Quality

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With the wider range of ribbon applications, polyester ribbon varieties are also more and more diverse, a variety of polyester ribbon on the market to see us dazzling. How to judge the quality of a ribbon?

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In actual conditions, we can use the naked eye to identify the following methods:

Color difference test: visually observe the belt surface without Yin and Yang color, color, texture (each ribbon needle edge must be a color) tape edge, cloth edge can not exchange.

Wool: through naked eye observation, the two surfaces that weave a belt and flank cannot have the serious MAO qiu that affects to take a face or wool silk.

Jump stitch: no jump stitch is allowed in the ribbon under visual observation.

Pollution: no oil, stain or dust on the surface of the ribbon.

Of course, these are only from the surface of the analysis, from the material of the ribbon to judge the bad methods are: touch (ribbon feel), watch the color, burning, and other methods.

Touch —— Cotton ribbon, nylon is nylon ribbon material feel soft, smooth, bright colors, good gloss, light material;

PP (polypropylene) material ribbon feel hard, rough, gloss poor;Polyester fabric ribbon color is more rigid, but good color fastness, the proportion of heavy;

Polyester short silk (also known as polyester civil silk, commonly known as polyester cotton) polyester civil silk ribbon texture and cotton texture is similar, soft feel.

Burning method —— ignite it with fire, observe the state of burning flame, smell the smell after burning, and see the residuals after burning, so as to judge the material of webbing.

Usually, we can use a ribbon product with good quality to make our life comfortable, and my mood will be smoother as well. Therefore, we need to know more about all aspects of ribbon products before purchasing them.

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