Xiamen Meisida Decoração Co., LTD., Fundada em 2007, é uma fábrica de fita e arco que se atreve a prometer "retorno insatisfatório". O cliente pode devolver a mercadoria imediatamente se houver qualquer problema depois de receber a mercadoria e, em seguida, a nossa empresa irá modificar ou re-produzir as mercadorias. Nossa empresa arcará com todas as despesas deste produto.

  • Perfume ribbon bows——A wonderful match of perfume and ribbon bow

    Perfume seems to have a magical power: when the aroma comes, it feels like an invisible ribbon fluttering around, wrapping around, inadvertently swaying people's heartstrings. In addition to the unique smell of the perfume, the exquisite packaging can make it look more high-end. When the soft ribbon is matched with the elegant and unique perfume bottle, it adds romance and poetry, making the perfume more delicate and sexy, irresistible. Let's see the wonderful match of perfume and ribbon bow

  • Children's bow hair accessories DIY

    Children's bow hair accessories DIY - Homemade cute bow hair accessories

  • Homemade flower-shaped brooch by satin ribbon

    For girls, a beautiful brooch can add highlights to their wear and highlight their temperament. A tutorial on sharing a ribbon brooch is simple and beautiful. Just learn the basic petal method and it will be done very easily!~