The most popular combinations——Ribbon with choker!

The most popular combinations——Ribbon with choker!

Soft satin ribbon and velvet ribbon is suitable for making choker and daily wear decortation....

  • How to DIY Easy Ribbon Flower Brooch

    This is a good DIY tutorial showing you how to make a ribbon brooch. It looks very complicated, but the method of production is very simple, just cut and sew. Let's take a look at how the brooch is made!

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  • The first sports meeting for Xiamen Meisida Decoration Co.,Ltd

    On May 11th, 2009, an exciting day, Xiamen Mesida Decoration Co.,Ltd first fun sports event was opened. This fun sports event enhanced the company's cohesiveness, increased the enthusiasm of employees to participate in activities, and enhanced communication between various departments. Ultimately, we will also provide better service to our customers. Not only in the game, but also in the daily work, the company's employees always help each other and are committed to providing better service to customers.

  • Labor Day holiday notice

    Labor Day(1st,May) is coming soon, we will have a four-day holiday from May 1st to 4th. If you have any questions or needs, you can send us an email and we will deal with it as soon as we see it.

  • Perfume ribbon bows——A wonderful match of perfume and ribbon bow

    Perfume seems to have a magical power: when the aroma comes, it feels like an invisible ribbon fluttering around, wrapping around, inadvertently swaying people's heartstrings. In addition to the unique smell of the perfume, the exquisite packaging can make it look more high-end. When the soft ribbon is matched with the elegant and unique perfume bottle, it adds romance and poetry, making the perfume more delicate and sexy, irresistible. Let's see the wonderful match of perfume and ribbon bow

  • Awareness Ribbon

    Awareness ribbon made by satin ribbon.Do you know the meaning of different colors ribbon?

  • How to accurately describe your purchasing needs to ribbon suppliers

    As a buyer of ribbon & printed ribbon, when you need to find a supplier of a ribbon supplier, how do you accurately describe your needs with the manufacturer so that he can quickly quote? The following are some of the information that customers need to provide before the quotation of some ribbon manufacturers summarized by our company for your reference.

  • The most popular ribbon hair accessories

    Ribbon as a universal jewelry is widely used in daily life, in the fashion week just past, all big brands have the same choice to use ribbon as a hair ornament, let yourself stand out in the crowd. The original a few cents of ribbon can also make you very fashionable, come to see the wonderful use of ribbon!

  • Homemade flower-shaped brooch by satin ribbon

    For girls, a beautiful brooch can add highlights to their wear and highlight their temperament. A tutorial on sharing a ribbon brooch is simple and beautiful. Just learn the basic petal method and it will be done very easily!~

  • How to handmade a packaging ribbon bow?

    The ribbon packaging flower is an ornament that is bound to the gift box. It not only has the function of binding a strong gift box, but also plays the role of beautifying the decoration. This tutorial will teach you to make a simple ribbon wrap flower