DIY crafts - How to Make Simple Easy Bow


How to make a easy ribbon bow?

Tools: glue gun, thread

Material: Ribbon (all kinds of ribbon can be used to make bows, such as satin ribbons, grosgrain ribbons, organza ribbons, velvet belts, etc.) Today we will show you how to make a bow with satin ribbon

First choose a soft, pre cut satin ribbon,For ribbon color and width,you can choose what you like. With a metal shelf, in less than a minute, a beautiful hand-made bow was completed. Is it amazing?

Specific production methods, you can watch the video, easy to learn, you can also make a beautiful bow ribbon at home.If you have children,you can DIY with your kids.

For more information of ribbon and handmade ribbon bows, please follow us.——Xiamen Meisida Decoration Co.Ltd.

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