Awareness Ribbon


Awareness Ribbon

With the improvement of people's aesthetic concept and environmental awareness, ribbon has been more widely used in daily life. Besides the application of ribbon in daily life, what else do you know about the use of ribbon? Below small make up to say that ribbon and public welfare is inextricably linked.

As we all know, the international commonweal ribbon is the ribbon material. So what do the different colors of ribbons mean? Do you know? Let's take a look

1. White Ribbon

This color is a symbol of innocence,violence against women.

Awareness Ribbon

2. Grey Ribbon

This color is a symbol of siabetes,asthma and brain cancer.


3. Pink Ribbon

Most commonly associated with breast cancer awareness.

satin ribbon

4. Yellow Ribbon

It's used to welcome home loved ones and also represents courage and peace.

Awareness Ribbon

5.Green Ribbon

It's a symbol for many campaigns,environmental justice,missing children etc.Courage and peace.


6.Orange Ribbon

It's a symbol of humane treatment of animals,and self-injury awareness.

satin ribbon

7.Purple Ribbon

This color is symbol of domestic vioerance,and animal abuse.

Awareness Ribbon

8. Red Ribbon

It's most commonly associated with the fight against AIDS and HIV.

ribbonsatin ribbon

9. Blue Ribbon

A blue ribbon is the international symbol for Child Abuse Prevention.

Awareness Ribbon

Do you know more meaning about awareness ribbon? All of this awareness ribbon is made by satin ribbon with high quality and Eco-friendly.

If you want to know more details about ribbon materials or awareness ribbon, welcome to contact us!

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